Our ebikes are Cannondale Synapse NEO 2. This ebike has received rave reviews for it’s comfort, silent motor and riding like a traditional bicycle.  We’ve outfitted them with gravel tires so you can explore the less-travelled gravel roads as well as paved.

“It’s a solid reminder of what e-Bikes can deliver. They are a great equalizer and they allow anyone to experience the joys of cresting that climb, feeling the freedom that riding brings and exploring the road less travelled by anyone but the ultra-fit.”  

Empowered by Gears blog, August 2018

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Why we chose the Cannondale Synapse NEO 2:

  • All Day Comfort: More upright riding position for long rides and confident handling on all road surfaces
  • Powerful, Quiet Motor: Makes you feel limitless
  • Long Battery Life: Ride all day – up to 200km

“The pedal assist is so smooth and the motor so quiet you might forget you’re on an e-bike.” Bicycling Magazine, April 2019

“As much as I love the Bianchi and the Cube, the Cannondale wins the day for me.” eBike Choices, January 2019


All our ebike rentals come with pedals that accommodate both Shimano SPD cleats and running shoes, helmet, water bottle and cage, rear flashing light and a small toolkit.

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All ebike rentals are subject to our rental policies.