How old do you need to be to ride an e-bike? What regulations apply?

In Ontario, you must be 16 years of age to ride an ebike. Ottawa Valley Adventures requires Government ID to confirm the age of every rider. In addition to being 16, each rider must:

  • wear an approved bicycle or motorcycle helmet
  • keep your e-bike in good working order

To view the Ontario Government ebike requirements, click here.

Do I have to pedal an e-bike?

All the bikes we rent and use for touring at Ottawa Valley Adventures are pedal assist ebikes. They require you to pedal – just like a regular bicycle. All our bikes are “Class 1”. (This article from the Globe and Mail describes the 3 different classes of ebike).

Our ebikes ride like a regular bicycle but essentially have a booster that amplifies the power. There are 4 different levels of boost eco, tour, sport and turbo or the boost can be turned off so you are riding using only your own power. Also, the booster turns off when a speed of 32km/h is reached.

We have chosen the Cannondale Synapse NEO for our fleet cause it is a very quiet ebike and feels like a regular bike when you are riding.

Where do we meet for eBike rentals and self-guided tours?

It is best if we meet where you plan to start your ride. We offer free drop-off and pick-up in Combermere and Barry’s Bay. Our self-guided tour maps offer lots of riding options for these areas.

eBikes are heavier (~40 lbs) and the frame tubing is larger so as a result they do not work with all car and truck bike racks.

If you are interested in another drop/off and pick-up location, please give us a shout and we’d be happy to discuss some options. Delivery charges may apply.

We will also be running pop-up shops throughout the Ottawa Valley this summer including Algonquin Park and the Whitewater Region.


Where do we meet for Guided Tours?

Each tour has a specified meeting spot.